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Conscious Dreamer

Time to Increase Your Frequency?

“Wake up on the wrong side of the bed?” or “down in the dumps?” Perhaps a “case of the Monday’s?…” However you chose to label it; don’t you just want to get over it as fast as you can?Life is often unpredictable, hell, Life is often down-right rude! There will always be a wrench […]

Awareness Begins Within

Who are you? Wait- before you answer that, from who’s perspective are you answering? Are you the person that your friends make you out to be? Or perhaps you are who your parents have always told you to be. OR- more than likely, are you who one of your many social networks have claimed […]

Own Your Vices

Beer, Cigarettes, Cinnamon Rolls, Ice Cream… The list of possible VICES is a long one. Do you have control? Or do they? Here is how to control the seemingly uncontrollable…

Do you really need that? Yes that, whatever that is… Could you do without it? Another careless consumption of something to make you happy, only […]

Why You Should Go Primal

10,000 years ago, human history ushered in a new era. An era that put an end to nomadic rule and a beginning to single location sustainability and agriculture; this was the beginning of civilization. Along with this new era came numerous benefits but none which would outweigh the eventual ending of human evolution as […]

Yes, You are Meant for More, but Today is Still Important

You are becoming someone new every day. Every sunrise that opens our eyes in the wake of morning brings along another opportunity to shed our skin and begin again. We shed the skin of our former selves to become who we are today. Some of us know which color, shape and size we […]